Normal Erection Functioning

Before talking about erectile dysfunction, we should know the basis which describes the normal "healthy" erection, just enough to make it easier to understand the cause of the dysfunction and how to fix it.

An erection is provided by harmonious interaction of three systems:

1. Central nervous system. It is responsible for the ability to be excited without direct contact, with power of thought and imagination only.

2. Peripheral nervous system. It contributes to the excitation pulses to the spinal cord and genitals, regulates vascular tone and their blood supply.

3. Vascular smooth muscle. Particularly, it is an ability to expand and blood filling, which increases in the size of the penis.

As you can see, an erection is very accurate and almost computerized mechanism, which can be disrupted. For an erection, smooth muscles of the penis must be relaxed. Increased blood flow causes the organ to swell and increase in size. The blood accumulates in the so-called cavernous bodies - penis tissue. Special mechanisms cause mild compression of veins, which is slowing down the outflow of blood. This dual mechanism - the flow of blood to the organ and temporary difficulty outflow contributes to getting and maintaining an erection.

On a chemical level, this process is started by nitric oxide, NO. Through a chain of chemical reactions that connection leads to relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis and helps its blood filling and achieving an erection. Few known drugs, including generic drugs available online, which were created to stimulate and treat erectile dysfunction, act on the basis of chemical reactions with NO.

For stimulation a man should take a pill that after 10-30 minutes helps to gain erection. To get re-effect he needs to take another pill. Most popular remedies are Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil and Tadalafil. To choose and start administering a certain medicine out of available drugs, man should consult a specialist. The specialist examination is needed in order to not bring harm or cause even more serious disorders in the body.